Adcock introduces advanced energy assessment


System helps organisations review their energy usage and highlight savings

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has introduced an advanced energy assessment that will give building owners and managers a clear insight into the energy they use, where energy is being wasted, and the possible financial savings to be had.

Rising energy prices, carbon reduction programmes and regulatory compliance are among a variety of issues forcing businesses to look at new ways to save energy and meet sustainability targets.

Using a database of over 8,000 different air conditioning and chiller units, Adcock's new energy assessments provide detailed calculations on all equipment and systems within a facility to show what energy is being used, the efficiency of the equipment, projections of the operating costs for systems and the entire site, and it also calculates occupancy hours versus energy use.

The assessment also calculates details such as sizing, fan power and efficiency, along with recommendations on how to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and shows the potential savings to be gained from each recommendation. <,p>

The energy assessment has been introduced following a European Directive which was introduced in 2012 and obliges building owners or managers who manage air conditioning systems with a total of 12kW or more to have a regular inspection of their systems.

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Deputy managing director, Paul Brant, said: "Building managers are under increasing pressure to reduce energy costs and provide long-term solutions. Our assessments give customers a full understanding of their current systems and helps them to make informed decisions based on accurate data."