Alpha Laboratories launches new sample container range


SpeciSafe packs lower postage costs and provide visible spillage indication

Alpha Laboratories has launched new SpeciSafe packs to help transport biologically-hazardous samples safely from their source to laboratories.

Currently, laboratory personnel have to wrap primary sample containers in an absorbent material, then place this in a sealed plastic bag and finally put all this into a rigid box. This requires multiple materials and can result in mailing packages being of considerable size, increasing the cost of postage.

SpeciSafe replaces the secondary packaging and combines a unique, internally-bonded super-absorbent lining within a single-piece shock resistant container. This can be placed directly in a padded envelope or bag, ready for posting. The SpeciSafe pack dimensions also minimise postage costs.

In addition, the SpeciSafe lining soaks up any fluid from leaking vials in seconds and the material is so absorbent that 1sq m retains as much as 20litres of liquid. Once the lining has absorbed its maximum volume of liquid, it creates a watertight barrier and effectively seals the SpeciSafe pack, eliminating the risk of any leakage from the secondary container.

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The packs are available in a range of designs to fit around commonly-used 95 kPa sample vessels. They include packs for single or up to 10 sample containers covering the commonly-used urine, blood, and swab vessels, among others. One side is also made of clear plastic to enable visibility of sample details without unpacking and to provide visible spillage indication to protect the user.