B&M Care chooses bug-beating Gainsborough baths for flagship care home


Gentona baths use less water and feature antimicrobial BioCote technology

Four accessible Gentona baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathing have been installed at the recently-opened St Brendan’s Care Home in Crowthorne, Surrey.

One of 25 homes operated by B&M Care; St Brendan’s offers state-of-the-art care predominantly for residents with low and high level dementia.

It is a 62-bed home with en-suite bedrooms and fully-accessible communal bathrooms, each containing a hi-lo Gentona bath with powered bather transfer seat.

B&M Care selected Gainsborough baths as they are a proven and economically-efficient solution for safe accessible bathing – protecting carers against musculoskeletal injury and increasing safety for semi-ambulant bathers.

Angela Hunt, B&M care business development manager, said: “The Gentona is operationally efficient as it uses less water, so we heat less water, which in the end reduces our utility consumption and bills.

“The new technology they include we know means that every fourth bath is effectively free. They are smooth, reliable and quiet, which helps us deliver the quality experience we want for our residents.”

The bath also includes BioCote anti-microbial technology. Integrated during the manufacturing process; it provides 99.99% protection against Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant ‘Superbugs’ such as CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA, significantly reducing the risk of resident and carer illness.

Hunt said: “The integrated BioCote is a major benefit for us as our residents and staff can be confident in our infection control as 99.9% of superbugs cannot survive on the bathing surface.

“Carers tell us they are simple to use, our in-house maintenance teams are happy with performance and service calls, and management are seeing a reduction in costs with time-savings benefits.

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“Nevertheless, most importantly, our residents have the choice to enjoy a relaxing bath, which is the highlight of the day for many.”