Blackpool Teaching Hospitals to save £27,000 using Canon’s Managed Print Services


First phase of installation reduces print volume by 15% and colour output to less than 10%

Following the successful delivery of the first phase of Canon’s Managed Print Services (MPS), Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) has revealed an estimated annual saving of £27,000.

Since successfully completing the first phase of the installation, which included implementing multi-functional devices across a six-week period, the trust has also reduced print volume by 15% and colour output to less than 10%.

BTHFT selected Canon as its chosen MPS provider in order to improve the performance of its legacy infrastructure. The organisation faced a number of challenges including the use of multiple device manufacturers, lack of fleet management, and a growing environmental footprint. Due to the sensitivity levels of the documents handled by the trust, including patient records and admission letters, it was also crucial for the organisation to improve both the quality of production and introduce a more secure print environment. Canon’s approach also addressed the high levels of unnecessary paper usage occurring within the trust by encouraging staff to be more mindful about the documents they print.

During a three-phase implementation, the trust will consolidate the number of existing devices by 84% to 233 multi-functional devices (MFDs), which can be accessed by all staff across eight sites, thus enabling the efficient sharing of patient health records. uniFLOW, Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution, has also been introduced to manage and report on printing, copying and scanning, providing clarity and transparency of reduced budget.

Canon’s approach also provided a clear strategy to reduce the trust’s environmental impact. By setting the paper and toner saving settings as default, BTHFT will achieve annual savings of approximately 4.3 million sheets of paper a year; equating to 520 trees. Canon’s MPS solution will also result in annual carbon dioxide savings of 74% and reduce energy consumption by 81%.

Canon has also introduced authentication-based printing, copying, faxing and scanning on all MFDs using ID cards to help increase document security within the Trust. This means a document can only be accessed and collected by the sender, and increases the security of highly-confidential documents that reference patient data.

“Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is completely committed to its quality of patient care, which includes maintaining a high standard of printed materials,” said Steven Bloor, information manager at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“We selected Canon to implement its MPS after it became clear that our old infrastructure was impacting the quality of our documents and service to our patients. The new system has not only improved the quality of our documents, but also introduced a more-agile and efficient workflow where clinical staff can access their printing from any of the site’s MFDs.”

“Canon UK has a strong heritage of helping organisations to reduce costs and waste within the public sector,” added Bob Pickles, director of public sector business development and public affairs for Canon UK and Ireland.

“We’re extremely pleased to have supported the trust through the first phase of the installation where they’re already seeing significant results, such as an estimated annual saving of £27,000.”

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Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) is the second of 16 organisations under the NHS North West Collaborative Commercial Agency’s Framework Agreement contract to reduce print related costs. The trust is currently planning to enter the second phase of the MPS installation which will include an expansion of the programme build, testing and piloting, and has committed to roll out the solution to the rest of the organisation, which is made up of more than 80 sites.