Broadmoor Hospital rolls out patient monitoring technology


Oxehealth's Digital Care Assistant installed in every room at flagship new mental health facility

West London NHS Trust’s new state-of-the-art psychiatric hospital, Broadmoor, has installed Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant (DCA) in every room.

The use of Digital Care Assistant further enhances Broadmoor's inpatient mental healthcare, reinforcing its commitment to provide both patients and staff with the most-advanced technology available to improve safety and promote wellbeing.

The Digital Care Assistant has been installed across most of the site - 178 rooms - with one area yet to be completed.

The technology provides contact-free patient monitoring, including giving staff access to vital signs measurements.

It helps clinicians plan patient care and intervene pro-actively - improving patient safety, the quality of care provided, and improving patient experience.

This deployment at the new Broadmoor Hospital shows the potential for mental health professionals globally to deploy innovative technology to deliver a step change in inpatient mental health care.

Leeanne McGee, director of high secure and forensic services at West London NHS Trust said: “We are delighted to have rolled out this technology across Broadmoor Hospital.

“The Digital Care Assistant will help provide additional support to staff to enhance patient experience as well as ensuring even better patient safety within a high-secure environment.”

Hugh Lloyd-Jukes, chief executive of Oxehealth, added: “The new Broadmoor hospital is a high-secure hospital facility providing state-of-the-art facilities for patients and staff.

“We are delighted that West London NHS Trust has decided to continue its six-year partnership with Oxehealth and build the Digital Care Assistant into their standard of care for all patients.

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“We hope the service will play a significant role in enabling Broadmoor’s clinicians to establish a new international standard for patient safety, quality and experience in the years to come.”