Caradigm and Orion Health expand alliance to create end-to-end data solution


Deal integrates Orion Electronic Health Record solution with the Caradigm Intelligence Platform and applications

Caradigm and Orion Health have announced they have expanded their alliance agreement to integrate Orion’s market-leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution with the Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) and applications.

The move will enable healthcare providers to more rapidly address today’s most complex challenges - including new models of care delivery and payment, population health management and patient engagement - while also helping to reduce costs and increase revenue.

The companies’ integrated, end-to-end solution will offer organisations the ability to move beyond simple data exchange by using near real-time data aggregated from disparate systems across the healthcare community to rapidly gain insight about patients, populations, performance and outcomes. These insights can be used to identify opportunities and steps to help healthcare organisations improve care for patients and populations across the community.

Healthcare organisations also will be able to use the aggregated data in a wide range of CIP-powered applications developed to target challenges related to population health management, revenue and cost optimisation, and healthcare quality improvement. The ecosystem of applications developed by Caradigm, Orion Health and industry partners helps healthcare organisations improve patient engagement, reduce avoidable costs like readmissions, drive quality improvement across populations, and manage new payment and care delivery models, such as integrated and coordinated care.

Orion Health will expand the Caradigm application ecosystem by developing new applications for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform that take advantage of the extensive data available through Orion Health EHR. These new applications will be aimed at addressing customer needs in the areas of decision support, quality improvement and metrics, and population health management.

Under the new agreement, Orion Health will act as a sales partner for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform, and resell and provide services for the Caradigm Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions in Europe. The IAM suite includes Caradigm Provisioning, Caradigm Single Sign-On and Caradigm Context Management, products designed to accelerate caregiver access to the right patient data across multiple applications, helping organisations improve patient safety, reduce errors and spend more time with patients.

“We’re excited to partner with Orion Health to address the escalating needs of healthcare organisations worldwide with a new generation of interoperability solutions,” said Caradigm chief executive, Michael Simpson. “As health systems everywhere search for better answers to quality, cost, revenue and population health management, we expect our partnership to deliver significant value to our customers and strong growth for both of our companies.”

“Combined with the Caradigm Intelligence Platform’s powerful framework for robust applications, this expanded partnership creates a new generation of solutions that make it easier to aggregate and analyse data to improve care,” added Charles Scatchard, president of EMEA at Orion Health.

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