Case Study: Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Emergency Department 


University Hospitals Bristol, the Trust that runs Bristol Children’s Hospital, has invested £350k into improving its Paediatric Emergency Department.

Case Study: Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Emergency Department 

Overview: The main focus of the project has been maximising the efficiency of the department by increasing its footprint and renewing the layout. New facilities include ‘fast flow’ cubicles so that staff can treat patients with minor injuries and illnesses quickly and efficiently. The open plan design has also improved safety in the department as it allows doctors and nurses in charge to keep an overview of most patients as they can be seen from a single central location.

Favourable Outcome: To maximise the safety of the wards, the Bristol Childrens Hospital selected Titan Healthcare Antimicrobial chairs for use in all of their new ‘fast flow’ cubicles and consultant rooms. The fast flow cubicles were installed to ensure that patients can be treated quickly and more efficiently than before, therefore the furniture selected was required to meet the demands of this environment.

The Titan Healthcare chairs were selected by staff at the University Hospitals Bristol due to these being easy and quick to clean, but also their antimicrobial properties which provides additional protection to patients between cleans. This is vital in high traffic areas in hospitals and to compliment the easy clean properties of the chairs, they have a silver additive embedded within the plastic, this makes the chairs resistant to bacteria. The seating has been certified to kill >99.9% of bacteria which comes into contact with the surface, making them effective at resisting healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and E-COLI.

The furniture for this environment was closely considered and the ward staff were consulted throughout the process. One Ward Sister Beth made the following comments;

“We selected these new chairs as they are much better than our old ones. The old fabric chairs we had, got ripped and damaged quickly. The new ones are easy to clean and easy to move around which is vital. We are all really happy with them” 

The new ward and investment also needs to withstand the test of time, so the hospital was keen not to use vinyls and fabrics which can over time become torn or worn, the Titan Healthcare chairs also come with a 10 year guarantee, for both structure and antimicrobial properties helping the facility remain timeless.