Digital system gauges patient satisfaction


DONCASTER and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is improving patient care by implementing a new digital pen and paper solution from Anoto and Ubisys. At a cost of £65,000, the solution has already saved up to 30 man hours a week after being deployed across 57 wards and departments. The equipment means a patient, carer or other healthcare worker can fill in a patient experience form digitally, then upload it for analysis and reporting. "We are constantly striving to do better in terms of patient feedback, patient experience and patient care," said Heather Keane, assistant director of quality at the trust. "Our previous manual system was flawed, as it was very time-consuming and the information was often out of date by the time we received it, leading to delays in improvements to patient care. The new system means quick and easy recording of feedback with no disruption to patients and huge time and cost savings for staff. The pens are simple to use, require no training and are familiar to everyone who has ever used pen and paper." The trust now plans to continue the rollout, potentially up to 1,000 users.