Doncaster Royal Infirmary increases image quality with digital angiography services


Hospital installs ceiling-mounted Artis zee system from Siemens Healthcare

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, part of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has upgraded from analogue to digital imaging in its Interventional Radiology Suite following the installation of a ceiling-mounted Artis zee from Siemens Healthcare.

The C-arm is being used for angiography, vascular embolisations, cardiac procedures and other interventional work. The hospital is already benefiting from excellent image quality and hopes to expand procedures further in the future to help free up time from the CT department.

The system was chosen for its low-dose features, excellent image quality and large display, which means clinicians no longer need to magnify the image to detect fine detail. It also provides improved safety due to the ability to disable dose directly at the tableside. It is equipped with all the latest Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) features and CLEAR post processing technology, delivered as standard with the system, supporting excellent image quality at the lowest achievable dose.

The system’s large flat detector can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and can easily be rotated during the procedure depending upon the region of interest under examination, enabling various examinations to be carried out quickly and easily. Clinicians are also benefitting from applications such as syngo DynaCT to acquire 3D cross-sectional images which are displayed in less than 20 seconds and directly at the tableside. This reduces the need for the patient to be transferred to a CT system for additional imaging, assisting with clinical confidence, departmental workflow and helping to keep dose to a minimum.

“During the selection process we assessed the market and found the ceiling-mounted Artis zee from Siemens Healthcare was best suited to our needs,” said Andrew Grierson, superintendent radiographer at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

“The image quality is excellent and each image provides more insight than ever before. Our radiographers are also enjoying having everything at their fingertips with the tableside controls, which help to streamline procedures and enhance workflow.”

“The ceiling-mounted Artis zee from Siemens Healthcare replaces a previous generation Siemens system that was used for 14 years,” said Sarah Sandhu, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare.

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“It is great to see that the radiology department is not only using the system for a wide range of procedures, but that it is also a pivotal part of the department’s plans to expand the number of procedures and help alleviate the load within the CT department.”