Electronic wristbands for babies at Frimley Park


Surrey hospital steps up safety and security for its youngest patients

The safety of babies at Frimley Park Hospital is being enhanced with the introduction of tiny electronic wristbands.

The minute ID bracelets are made from a soft latex-free material suitable to be worn against the delicate skin of new babies, and are fully electronic, with information taken from data sourced from the Surrey hospital’s patient administration system.

Supplied by SATO, they will be used for all infants admitted to the hospital’s special care baby unit. Worn on the ankle, they carry a barcode containing all the child’s details, including name, hospital number and NHS number.

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A hospital spokesman said: “We feel the design of the wristband not only ensures it is comfortable and safe for the babies to wear, but ialso enables correct identification to guarantee the right patient gets the right medication and treatment. In addition to that, the presence of barcode auto-ID features makes possible the future use of automated data collection by our bedside IT systems. The solution has become a valuable addition to our unit’s existing patient care processes and procedures.”