Every second counts when treating a patient with Sepsis


In order to affectively treat Sepsis, the Sepsis Six Pathway was developed

Clini-Cart Sepsis 6 Hospital Trolley

Clini-Cart Sepsis 6 Hospital Trolley

Each year in the UK it is estimated that around 100,000 people are admitted to hospital with Sepsis, of which 37% will die.

We know that everyone can be at risk of Sepsis after injury or minor infection, meaning that it is important that people are aware of the tell-tale symptoms. Early signs are a fever, chills and shivering, a fast heartbeat and fast breathing.

Sepsis can then develop further and can cause a feeling of dizziness or feeling faint, confusion or disorientation, nausea, diarrhoea and cold, clammy and pale skin. If you show any of these symptoms following injury or infection, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

In order to affectively treat Sepsis, the Sepsis Six Pathway was developed which helps medical staff take the best course of action to reduce preventable deaths:

  • Give oxygen
  • Take bloodv
  • Give antibiotics
  • Start iv fluid resuscitation
  • Check haemoglobin and lactate
  • Monitor urine output

Our Clini-Cart Sepsis 6 Hospital Trolley helps you work through the steps efficiently.

Everything you need to conduct these tasks can be grouped together at your fingertips.

Our six-drawer trolley comes with a tamper proof locking system with breakaway seals and a wipe clean work surface for improved hygiene.

The compact nature of the trolley allows space to be maximised.

We‘ve worked closely with hospital departments to introduce this product and have the shared goal that through the Sepsis Six process hospitals will reduce associated deaths, reduce time spent in intensive care and improve recovery times.

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