Ferno develops range of bug-busting products


Antimicrobial range actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungus

Ferno has developed a range of bug-busting products which incorporate antimicrobial technology for the emergency and medical services.

The company has worked with several firms within its supply chain to incorporate antimicrobial additives into a range of equipment, including powder coating, injection mouldings, vinyls materials and polyurethane mouldings. The technology is applied in different ways depending on the material or component and reduces the risk of infection to patients from pathogens such as MRSA, E coli and C. difficile by actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungus. Tests showed that 99.9% of germs were eliminated within 24 hours from treated surfaces.

Research carried out by trade union UNISON concluded that ambulances are potentially the weakest link in the fight against MRSA and other superbugs and national hygiene and cleaning standards need to be applied more rigorously to close the loophole.

Ferno has launched an antimicrobial mattress which is fully sealed thanks to a polyurethane coated dual skin vinyl and strengthened mattress seam welds to further improve infection control. The AB-PR mattress also features pressure-relieving properties, including pressure-reducing foam, to reduce the risk of pressure sores to patients.

And, antimicrobial additives have been applied to the seat cover of Ferno’s Compact 2 Track – a carry and tracked chair in one which enables patients to be transported downstairs easily, eliminating associated manual handling injuries to health and emergency services workers.

Jon Ellis, managing director of Ferno, said: “The materials for Ferno products have been specifically chosen to meet the stringent requirements of strength, durability and consideration for cleaning. While normal, regular cleaning of equipment prevents bacteria growth, the antimicrobial technology is another safeguard to control and significantly reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

“We strive to deliver solutions which support our customers and make their lives easier. Our range of technically-advanced antimicrobial products have been designed to boost infection control by slowing down the growth of bacteria which can lead to dangerous and sometimes life-threatening infections like MRSA and E coli.

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“The novelty of this concept is not based on the materials themselves, but on their final application. The technology means that germs are killed on contact; this saves time and money on labour and cleaning chemicals, but most importantly it gives patients and healthcare operators complete piece of mind.”