Gainsborough launches ultra-cost-effective Coriel acute care bath


High-dependency and bariatric bath offers lower costs with advanced ergonomics

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing is unveiling its ultra-cost-efficient Coriel bath for high-dependency bathers this week.

As part of the HEFMA National Leadership Forum later this week; a showcase of healthcare products and services will be displayed including the latest assisted bathing solution from Gainsborough.

And, part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Gainsborough Specialist Bathing will be launching its latest innovation in acute care – the new Coriel high-dependency and bariatric bath.

Representing a pioneering choice that synergises lower costs with advanced bather-centric ergonomics, this specialist solution expands Gainsborough’s trusted range so quality care is safeguarded across a wider patient profile.

The Coriel is a substantial solution with a vast capacity ideal for bathers weighing up to 273kg (43 stone) who require recumbent bathing.

Through precision engineering and highly-durable components its hi-lo functionality allows carers to consistently operate at safe working heights – absolutely essential, particularly in bariatric care.

This is enhanced by ample hoist access that ensures seamless sling transfers so postural support is uncompromised throughout the bathing cycle. Infection control, and hence CQC hygiene targets, can be met through unique inbuilt cleaning technology and multiple sensory options provide greater bather stimulus.

Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough Healthcare Group chief executive, said: “Not only does our new Coriel bath excel within acute and bariatric care, it also pioneers in terms of value and performance.

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“It encompasses our 30 years of renowned specialism so utmost reliability is assured, yet it delivers the lowest price point and running costs for an equivalent product.”