Gloucester and Warwickshire companies come together to enhance clinical efficiency


Intouch with Health and Egress Group roll out patient tracking software

Two companies from Gloucester and Warwick have joined forces in a bid to improve healthcare technology and patients’ experiences during hospital stays.

Intouch with Health, a patient flow management solutions provider based in Cirencester, has partnered with data migration specialist, Egress Group from Warwickshire, to roll out crucial software which accurately tracks a patients’ journey during hospital appointments and provides data for healthcare professionals to improve clinical efficiency.

Egress Group, which helps clients deliver measurable return on their investment in information technology, will combine its expertise with Intouch to deliver the most-efficient healthcare technology systems and streamline clinical processes.

David Newell, chief executive of Egress, said: “The combination of innovative solution and proven delivery capability presents the opportunity for our customers to make a step change in delivering patient satisfaction and to deliver real cost savings.

“I am genuinely excited about the future. Jointly, we plan to bring some truly-innovative solutions to market which will have a material impact on service cost reduction.”

Mike Sanders, chief executive of Intouch With Health, added: “This is an important and exciting partnership for Intouch. The ability to offer a complete rounded service and solution will be a game changer in our market space.

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“We look forward to working closely with Egress over the coming years as this will, I’m sure, lead to us producing state-of-the-art solutions that will improve NHS efficiency and offer real return on investment, while offering an enhanced patient experience across all our customer sites.”