Hitachi Medical Systems Europe launches the new generation of OASIS


World’s most-powerful open high-field 1.2T MRI offers a new level in patient-centric care

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe has announced the new generation of OASIS - an open high-field 1.2T MRI with enhanced processing power that will set a benchmark for patient-centric care.

The new features of OASIS help to overcome obstacles and prevent delays while optimising workflow management and costs. OASIS demonstrates the high levels of efficiency, quality, patient comfort and safety for imaging in neurology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, oncology, vascular and general imaging, as well as men’s and women’s health applications.

Easy patient access makes OASIS highly suitable for interventional procedures.

“We are very pleased to bring with the new generation of OASIS our patient-centric philosophy to new levels in open high-field MRI,” said Keiichi Yusa, director of the MR/CT division at Hitachi Medical Systems Europe.

Outstanding patient comfort

We are very pleased to bring with the new generation of OASIS our patient-centric philosophy to new levels in open high-field MRI

The 270° viewing angle allows the patient an unobstructed panoramic view and a positive examination experience. Simultaneously, the operator has a clear view of the progress of the complete scanning procedure. The spacious set-up and calming atmosphere put claustrophobic, paediatric and bariatric patients up to 300kg at ease and the peaceful, ambient illuminated gantry helps to relax patients. The extra wide patient table - 82 cm - with in-gantry lateral movement, modern SoftSound technology for silent gradients and multiple coil connections offer efficient support for the operator allowing rapid, patient-friendly exams.

Power for high efficiency

OASIS offers a highly-advanced imaging platform equipped with workflow-oriented features and advanced clinical capabilities. The Origin Clinical Study Library, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Intelligent Parameter Guidance, and Real-time Image Quality Calculator make planning of even the most-complex examinations easy. Simultaneous scan, reconstruction and multi-tasked image processing keep throughput high and interoperability features ensure seamless PACS integration.

Next-level imaging capabilities

AutoPose automatically determines and places optimal main scan slice locations, ensuring high reproducibility and improving consistency in sequence planning – one-button click examination. Isotropic volume acquisition (isoFSE 3D) with high SNR and resolution allows the reconstruction of slices in any plane, in any tissue contrast and in any anatomy – one scan for unlimited images. Additive Arrangement Gradient Echo (ADAGE) uses combinations of multiple echoes to create high SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and CNR (Contrast to Noise Ratio) images with reduced chemical shift – improved grey/white matter differentiation and fluid/cartilage visualisation. A flexible, user-selectable reconstruction matrix provides optimised image resolution.

Unique design

The innovative unique open and wide patient platform of the 1.2T high-field MRI is designed to increase patient comfort and reduce blur.

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“Putting patients at ease means reducing the need for repeat scans and decreases scan time while promoting higher diagnostic image quality,“ said Yusa. “The open architecture is a truly-valued and complementary tool for healthcare providers who have an array of scanners but consider this flexibility to be an essential offering for their service. OASIS allows imaging centres and clinics to perform their exams more comfortably and efficiently.”