Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust selects specialist partner to improve patient data


Recently-merged trust commissions Stalis to populate new EPR system with high-quality data

Recently-merged Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is working with Stalis to conduct a large-scale data migration and archive project ensuring only accurate, valid and complete data is fed into the trust’s new electronic patient record (EPR) system for University Hospital Lewisham.

The new EPR system is expected to have patient administration and clinical functionality for the trust.

The programme is planned to be delivered in three phases, which will incorporate the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, aims to reduce clinical risk associated with transferring confidential and sensitive patient information across the trust’s disparate systems. Once complete it will provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date accurate information at the point of patient care from a single EPR system.

Based on Stalis’ robust and secure CareXML platform the first phase of the migration project will involve the transformation and archiving of approximately 1,000,000 patient records, 500,000 historic and future outpatient appointments, and nearly 100,000 inpatient histories into a new consolidated EPR from Lewisham’s current patient administration system, followed by the archiving of trust maternity and theatre data from legacy systems.

The CareXML platform supports heath informatics professionals through the highly complex process of extracting, cleansing and exporting data from any healthcare application onto the new live system whilst eliminating any duplicate records.

Elisa Steele, director of IT for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, said: “Merging many systems into a centralised platform comes with its complexities. We recognised that the data migration was an integral part of our IT strategy in helping us to reduce data duplication within the local healthcare economy and improving access to patient records.

“For us the references for Stalis’ expertise in this area were important; we received good feedback from other trusts and system suppliers alike – we knew therefore that in Stalis’ staff and products we had a safe pair of hands to steer us through this crucial part of the project.”

Christine Whitehouse, managing director at Stalis, added: “Working with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust demonstrates our leadership in data migration, cleansing and integration. Our core objective for this project is to ensure good data quality to support healthcare professionals in their day-to-day work as they make decisions about how to deliver the best care for patients.

“Our extensive expertise and experience in healthcare means we provide NHS organisations with confidence that their staff are working from the best and most complete information, whether they are clinicians making decisions about patient care, managers monitoring performance against contracts, or service improvement managers investing in reorganisation and change management.”

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CareXML is designed to provide a patient centric view of data from wherever it is collected in operational systems. The structure of the Integrated Patient Record along with the Patient Record Browser supports data migration and as a by-product, leaves a full historic archive post migration. Stalis also provides a solid methodology for its data migration projects commencing with strategies and workshops, and the implementation of its data quality checking, transformation and mapping tools.