Mobile day surgery unit unveiled at Southend


Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is introducing a mobile theatre in a bid to increase capacity for surgery. The fully-equipped facility will be situated at the heart of the hospital site and will be used for daycase procedures including arthroscopies and hernia repairs. It features reception and waiting areas, consulting rooms, a recovery ward and operating theatres, as well as toilet and changing facilities. Malcolm McFrederick, director of operations, said: "We appreciate that many patients awaiting orthopaedic procedures experience a fair degree of pain and discomfort and we want to ensure they are treated as soon as possible. The mobile unit will enable us to carry out another 10 lists every week - potentially 100 extra patients each week. If necessary, other specialties will also be able to use the facility to create more space in our main theatres." The facilities have been provided by Vanguard Healthcare.