Multitone i-Message gives greater control over communications


System enhances healthcare communications and improves environmental controls

Communication systems provider, Multitone, has announced the launch of its new flagship product, Multitone i-Message.

A secure IP-based system, it offers healthcare organisations greater control over their essential communications, routing them to the right person or device in the most appropriate way, with multiple paths and back-up facilities to ensure the calls or messages get through. All communications activities are then stored to allow a complete audit trail.

Andrew Jones, the company’s director of marketing, said: “Multitone is an important pioneer of communications systems, which has been a stalwart of heathcare communications for decades.

"With such a wide range of mobile and fixed communications choices available today, Multitone i-Message gives organisations the power to easily and reliably contact individuals in a specific, targeted and highly-personalised way with traceability and acknowledgement.”

The system also specialises in offering a high degree of connectivity between different systems including telephones, internet devices, mobile devices and even building control systems such as CCTV, fire, equipment and burglar alarms. For example, it can be used to enable specific building systems services, such as CCTV images or environmental controls, to be routed to any secure system or mobile device so information can be quickly shared with the appropriate person, wherever they may be.

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It can also improve personal safety among staff using existing personal alarm systems or Multitone’s own mesh system, which can be used to track the whereabouts of individuals within the building.