Multitone launches updated EkoTek personal security and location provider range


Updates include new functionality along with cost-effective and easy installation

Multitone has announced the launch of its new addition to EkoTek, the personal security and location provider system.

With upgrades to the hardware, including the pager and snatch-cord and a new fob and software, EkoTek is now more robust, with new functions to help make healthcare workers safer.

Andrew Jones, director of marketing at Multitone, said: “EkoTek already provides an excellent, wireless solution to personal safety needs in a healthcare environment, but we have made a number of improvements based on the feedback and needs of people who use it in a variety of situations.

Employees working in the healthcare sector need to be provided with a safe environment in which to work so they can best provide customer care to patients – Ekotek provides an important tool in the successful running of these facilities.”

EkoTek is a two-way communication solution and as well as providing the highest levels of staff safeguarding and location, it is designed to offer greater simplicity of installation and a cost-effective solution. With backward compatibility, the new range can easily be integrated with previous investments. With the addition of the assist button users now have two levels of call urgency. This ensures the right level of support is deployed when a call is made.

The EkoTek range includes a pager with a snatch cord, which features a dedicated assist function, large colour display and backlight, is water resistant and has a wipe-clean case, a rechargeable battery and can be charged with single or four-way chargers for flexibility. The range also includes a new fob which like the pagers also includes a water-resistant case, wipe-clean, rechargeable battery, either single or multiple charger, with five-way compatibility.

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Completing the new Ekotek range is the Hub, which features assist alert management and a new facia design.