New hospital trolley helps tackle sepsis


Beaver Healthcare Furniture launches new Sepsis Clini-Cart

Beaver Healthcare Furniture has launched a new trolley to help speed-up response times for patients suffering from the life-threatening condition, sepsis.

The Sepsis Clini-Cart provides a structured way for hospital departments to organise all of the items they need in line with recognised Sepsis Six Pathway. The compact trolley has six pull-out draws that mirror the six treatment steps, ensuring no time is lost locating equipment.

Graham Whitbourn, Beaver Healthcare Furniture’s managing director, said: “We all know that every second counts in responding to someone who has Sepsis. Making sure teams have all the items they need at their fingertips allows them to act as quickly as possible. As with all of our products, we were determined that this trolley would help improve both medical staff and patient wellbeing.

“Sepsis Six is of particular interest to me. We saw first-hand the fantastic response of nursing teams to this frightening illness when a family member was in hospital. They were excellent, but had they had the essential equipment directly to hand, their lifesaving task would have been greatly assisted.”

Each year in the UK it is estimated that around 100,000 people are admitted to hospital with Sepsis, of which 37% will die. In order to effectively treat Sepsis, the Sepsis Six Pathway was developed to help medical staff take the best course of action to reduce preventable deaths:

The six steps are:

  • 1. Give oxygen
  • 2. Take blood
  • 3. Give antibiotics
  • 4. Start iv fluid resuscitation
  • 5. Check haemoglobin and lactate
  • 6. Monitor urine output
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Beaver has seen significant interest in the Sepsis Cart since it launched and it has received positive feedback during demonstrations. The trolley is one of eight specially-designed carts and one of more than 1,200 products offered by the company.