PENTAX launches HD+ endoscopy video processor


System support endoscopic pathway of detection, demarcation and characterisation

PENTAX Life Care has launched a new high-definition endoscopy video processor, helping to improve precision when assessing surface structures and speeding up diagnoses.

The EPK-i5000 model combines high illumination, HD+ resolution and PENTAX’s advanced i-scan image processing technology, supporting faster, more accurate diagnoses for routine applications through to challenging examinations.

The device features three pre-set buttons assigned to the recommended profiles of surface enhancement (SE) and tone enhancement (TE). At the touch of a button, users can benefit from clearly-defined i-scan settings designed to support the endoscopic pathway of detection, demarcation and characterisation.

When the new video processor is used in combination with PENTAX’s 90i series endoscopes, the images provide enhanced visibility of vessel architecture, miniscule structures, identification of margins or lesions and improved pit pattern classifications.

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“The introduction of the EPK-i5000 addresses our customers’ needs and makes operation of i-scan quick and comfortable,” said David Moore, managing director of PENTAX UK. “PENTAX has taken great strides in the field of HD+ imaging in order to provide the highest definition resolution available, and, with built in i-scan technology, clinicians have experienced an increase in overall polyp and adenoma detection rates.”