Royal Liverpool Hospital enhances imaging procedures with real-time support


syngo Remote Assist from Siemens Healthcare provides direct link between clinicians and the clinical applications team

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital has deployed customer service support tool, syngo Remote Assist from Siemens Healthcare.

The hospital has recently called on the service to enhance its liver imaging procedures and Dual Source CT energy protocols. The application is supporting the hospital’s CT systems including the SOMATOM Definition AS, Definition AS+ and Definition Flash, serving a wide variety of clinical uses from outpatient, cardiac and colonography cases to trauma, emergency intervention and brain perfusion imaging.

syngo Remote Assist enables real-time interaction between the Siemens clinical applications team and clinical staff at their workstation. This allows for image quality/protocol optimisation, technical issue diagnosis, and other rapid workflow enhancements to be performed quickly without the need to wait for an onsite visit. With syngo Remote Assist, the Siemens applications team can remotely view workstation displays at the hospital and guide clinicians through a virtual environment accordingly, saving time and causing minimal disruption to workflow.

“Ensuring our CT systems are running smoothly and delivering the best possible image quality is a priority,” said Julie Houghton, lead CT radiographer at the hospital.

“Imaging systems often need optimising for intricate procedures such as in complex cardiac cases where cardiologists have different requirements in order to effectively diagnose a condition. Optimising protocols is important, yet we cannot afford to delay patients. Whether it is an unexpected artefact, optimising protocols or the CARE kV low dose procedures, syngo Remote Assist provides us with an instantaneous solution. This inspires confidence within our team and ensures the patient receives the best possible treatment at all times.”

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