Royal Liverpool University Hospital enhances imaging mobility with ACUSON X700


First system to be installed in the UK featuring wireless PACS capabilities

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, part of The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, has enhanced its imaging capabilities with the installation of the ACUSON X700 ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare.

This is the first X700 to be installed in the UK featuring wireless PACS capabilities.

The system was chosen specifically for its excellent imaging quality, wireless PACS connectivity and inter-department mobility, which allows the X700 to be used across many departments, including intensive care and high dependency units.

The system is simply transferred to the patient’s side in time-critical situations, with images and notes available to clinicians immediately after a procedure has taken place via the PACS wireless connectivity. The system was also chosen for its ability to perform specialist imaging, specifically vascular procedures.

The X700 provides an array of applications, previously only available from Siemens’ premium ACUSON ‘S’ range of ultrasound systems. One of these is the Advanced SieClear spatial compounding, a technique that improves contrast resolution and border detection by allowing rapid acquisition of overlapping images from different view angles. Furthermore, the X700 includes the intelligent workflow solution TGO (Tissue Greyscale Optimisation), providing instantaneous one-button image optimisation. Enhanced image acquisition has also helped to enhance patient throughput, pivotal to the various clinical departments using the system.

“One of the primary reasons we chose the X700 was due to its wireless PACS connectivity, as it was essential that clinicians were able to access images and notes immediately after procedures, which was not possible before,” said Colin Griffin, lead sonographer/advanced practitioner at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

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“We have many other Siemens systems in the imaging department so our staff are already very familiar with functionality. In conjunction with the wireless PACS system, this helps to save a lot of time for staff who can now focus more of their time on patient care.”