Smart new motion sensor cuts building energy waste


Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning introduces new retrofit control system

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have introduced a new retrofit control system that automatically turns off air conditioners in vacated rooms, helping to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

The new standalone Attendant control system is packed with energy-saving features. Designed specifically for split air conditioning, it can be used in any building that has at least 1 air conditioning unit. Battery or mains operated, the system can be discretely wall or ceiling mounted in any room, monitoring movement 24 hours a day.

Compatible with all major air conditioning systems, the Attendant IR is programmed using the air conditioning remote control which then replicates the infrared signal allowing it to turn the air conditioner on or off as occupants enter or leave a room. The Attendant SW is designed for wall-controlled air conditioners and can be wired simply and quickly for an easy install. The system is set to automatically turn off at a pre-set time once the room has been vacated, making this an ideal energy saving solution for offices, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, wash rooms and many more.

The Attendant has an optional temperature setting feature which prevents occupants from using excessive heating or cooling in a room and has a useful setback feature that will maintain room temperature in an energy-saving mode once vacated. For areas where occupants are motionless for periods of time such as libraries or data entry offices, an optional sophisticated exit sensor can detect if occupants are still in the room and only turn the air conditioning off when the last occupant has left.

In larger buildings, where air conditioners are operated by a building management system time clock, the easily installed system can be integrated to ensure that air conditioning is only running in rooms that are occupied, helping to significantly reduce energy bills. In addition, the intelligent software can also be used in conjunction with wireless window sensors, automatically shutting off the air conditioning if a window is left open.

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Deputy managing director, Paul Brant, said "we are constantly looking for new and efficient ways to help our customers to reduce their energy costs and this exciting new retrofit system is perfect for so many buildings where heating and cooling is left on in unoccupied spaces. The system can quietly watch over every room in the building and turn off air conditioners within minutes of a room being vacated offering real cost benefits to customers, whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions."