Spanish architects to revamp Bristol hospital facade


Nieto Sobejano awarded contract to design new exterior

Internationally-acclaimed architects have been commissioned to redesign the façade of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Spanish-based firm, Nieto Sobejano, has based the work on some of its previous projects in San Sebastian, Cordoba, Graz and Munich.

The contract was awarded by arts consultancy, Willis Newson, following a design competition.

The winning design is entitled ‘Veil’ and sweeps across the existing facade of the hospital, linking a recently-added extension to the front back into the main building.

The rhythm of the new screen echoes and respects the rhythm of the old building. A new buffer zone between the hospital and the main road on which it sits creates a breathing space for patients and visitors arriving at the hospital; and proposals for lighting will transform the building at night into an iconic landmark.

“It was a challenge to think of just designing a facade to an existing building,” said Fuensanta Nieto, “but we came to see that by providing the building with a new facade we were creating a new urban space.”

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Planning permission for the project is currently being sought, with work expected to start on site later this year.