Stalis launches CareInform solution for linking patient records


System combines social, primary and acute care notes into one web-based record

Stalis has launched a solution to enable patients’ current and historical records from multiple clinical IT systems to be accessed via the web.

CareInform offers users across all health and social care settings a complete long-term view of a patient’s health conditions and treatments based on a single integrated repository.

The launch comes as pressure to transform NHS patient services continues and the Department of Health’s issues its Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) targets.

Christine Whitehouse, managing director at Stalis, said: “We’ve spoken with clinical commissioning groups and discovered they want a way of intelligently linking data from different systems into one easy-to-use place to save clinical and administrative time while providing better quality of information. And it is by listening that we have developed CareInform to deliver against these needs.”

The solution means that information from social, primary and acute care can be intuitively linked and integrated, enabling healthcare professionals to access accurate historic and current patient data quickly and easily from any site location, or compatible mobile tablet or smartphone. By making information more accessible and of better quality, this allows more informed decision-making, leading to improved treatment and diagnosis, especially for patients with ongoing health problems. By facilitating the integration of care, CareInform also has the capability of extending access and involving patients, therefore empowering them to make decisions on their own healthcare, leading to improvements in quality of data, attendance and outcomes.

“A fully informed clinician armed with instant access to a patient record and a comprehensive view of a patient’s history across other healthcare settings along the care pathway will be more empowered to make the most appropriate treatment decision”, said Whitehouse.

“This can only improve health outcomes and lead to a safer, more efficient and effective health service.

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“With CareInform users are provided with a standardised overview of the full continuum of care based on our tried-and-tested CareXML platform. This means that our solution has been designed to be easily integrated with established systems eliminating the need to ‘rip and replace’, therefore protecting existing investments.”