Static Systems engages architects in design of new headwall


Bedhead services trunking solution incorporates light and colour to enhance the patient environment

Following consultation with architects and project teams, Static Systems Group has introduced its latest bedhead services trunking solution, Vistr Headwall, which has been designed specifically to help create a therapeutic healthcare environment that is conducive to patient wellbeing and recovery.

Vistr Headwall features a decorative graphic fascia that truly enhances a patient’s surroundings by incorporating light and colour.

Manufactured using flame-retardant materials, the graphic can be specified by the architect to complement the ward or building décor where the unit will be located.

Matt Clutton, Static Systems’ product manager, said: “Vistr Headwall has been designed to incorporate all the essential patient bedhead services, including medical gasses, nurse call, electrical sockets and lighting.

“The unit allows for easy access to these services for clinical staff, but also keeps them out of direct sight of patients and visitors, enhancing the aesthetics of the product and improving the patient environment.

“Medical gases and staff indicator screens can also be integrated in the headwall fascia as required.”

Vistr Headwall is available with a range of LED lighting options, including colour washing to help patients feel more relaxed and ultimately assist in a speedy recovery; practical, PIR-controlled lighting that automatically illuminates at low level as the patient leaves their bed during times of low light; and lighting that quickly guides staff to the appropriate bedside in the event of a patient call or cardiac alarm, assisting with workflow.

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