Steam traps reduce emissions


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Salisbury District Hospital is saving approximately 10% of its steam consumption following the installation of steam traps. The GEM venturi orifice traps from Thermal Energy International are helping the hospital to meet the Government's mandatory targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% by 2015. In 2009, the hospital's average steam consumption was around 295 tonnes a month, with the lowest figure recorded at 282 tonnes a month. Following the installation of 70 GEM traps, the average consumption has been reduced to 265 tonnes a month, with the lowest monthly figure dropping to 252 tonnes. Savings in energy alone will enable the hospital to receive payback on the installation in 18 months. George Atkinson, hospital spokesman, said: "Obviously our initial carbon reduction targets were very much in line with those set out by the NHS as a whole, but we are now aiming to go further than we are actually required to do via a whole range of measures."