The Concept Ward


This is the award entry for The Concept Ward: showcasing future healthcare technology and innovation in ward design, submitted by Static Systems in the Best Example of Efficiencies - Technology category

In November 2017 Static Systems unveiled its ‘Concept Ward’, the latest addition to its industry-renowned Design & Innovation Centre at its headquarters in Wombourne, Staffordshire.

The vision for the new facility - the first of its kind in the UK - was to showcase future healthcare technology and innovation and to foster greater industry collaboration in ward design through debate and discussion among suppliers and providers.

Static Systems identified a need for a resource that could be used by the wider industry to develop conceptual ideas and innovative solutions.

It wants to encourage closer collaboration throughout the industry as a whole to foster the ongoing provision and delivery of world-class buildings and facilities, with the ultimate aim of helping improve healthcare outcomes for all.

The company worked closely with a number of industry-leading suppliers, benefitting from their support, investment and provision of technology.

Early on in the engagement process they identified some consistent and common themes across those industry audiences they consulted with and supporting suppliers: patient safety, patient environment and workflow efficiency.

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With a focus on these themes, the Concept Ward provides a facility to test and trial ideas and solutions in a safe and controlled environment, helping to shape future ward design.