Trafford improves connectivity with Ensemble


Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust has deployed InterSystem's Ensemble to connect systems across 14 clinical departments. The trust previously used MS BizTalk 2002, but this meant that when one interface was changed it caused a domino effect of problems with other systems as their interfaces were incompatible with the alterations. Ensemble will be used to create an enterprise service bus (ESB), known as Healthbus, which will enable all departments to speak the same language when sharing information. The ESB was developed by InterSystems' implementation partner, Integrella, and was implemented over three months, with the last systems becoming operational earlier this month. Stephen Parsons, head of information management and technology at the trust, said: "Ensemble is now the cornerstone of the trust's IT strategy; it's far more resilient than anything we had previously and we are delighted with the results." Marcus Davies, managing director of Integrella, added: "This is the second deployment of the Healthbus architecture within the NSH and it is already delivering significant benefits. The ability to 'plug and play' will allow the trust incredible flexibility in its delivery of services in the future."