Veolia Water Technologies welcomes new head of scientific sales


Peter Bridge takes on new role covering the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors

Peter Bridge has joined Veolia Water Technologies UK as its new head of scientific sales.

In his new role he will oversee the supply of water solutions for laboratory applications and work to ensure the delivery of best-in-class services to UK customers in the sector.

Bridge has a background in analytical chemistry and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working for, and supplying to, a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

He has held a wide variety of roles across a number of different job functions, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of laboratory processes and enabling him to apply his technical knowledge within a commercial setting.

Before joining Veolia, he was a portfolio manager for manufactured products, focusing on the development, manufacturing and global distribution of HPLC columns.

In his new role, he will head Veolia UK’s scientific sales, primarily selling into laboratories, with an additional focus on pharmaceutical, biotech and life science markets.

He will oversee a sales team of five distributed throughout the UK and will also provide additional support to clinical markets and supply Veolia solutions for hospital applications.

“Water is one of the most-critical resources required for a range of critical laboratory processes,” he said.

“And I am delighted to be working for a company that provides such an essential resource to markets that rely on its supply to carry out pioneering research and manufacturing.

“Process improvements, and the development of new methods to enable a company to innovate, is very exciting.

“Digitalisation is a key part of this and Veolia UK is leading the way in terms of showcasing the incredible potential of digital services.

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“I am looking forward to meeting customers and helping them to make improvements through our solutions and services.”