iSOFT e-Prescribing deal at Stockport


iSOFT has signed a contract with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust for its strategic e-Prescribing and medicines management (ePMA) solution. The deal follows an earlier agreement to extend an existing contract for iSOFT's PatientCentre patient administration system for a further five years. The two contracts add up to a total of £2.1m. "We undertook a thorough clinical engagement programme within the trust to understand the suitability of the software for an acute NHS environment and the benefits that could be delivered clinically and operationally for nursing, pharmacy, medical and management stakeholders," said Ken Brennan, director of IM&T at the trust. Carole Sparkes, assistant director of nursing, added: "It is clear that the software has been designed to support the subtleties and complexities of administering and prescribing medicines within an acute healthcare setting. Providing nurses with guaranteed access to an accurate, real-time and comprehensive medication chart in a similar format to that of an inpatient Kardex, will help to address a great many issues."